HR services


Our recruitment consultants are recognised specialists within their own market, defined by both industry sector and function. Our experience enables us to work in strategic partnership with clients to provide innovative and tailored recruitment solutions designed to meet your commercial needs in terms of budget, timescales and resource.

We focus on permanent recruitment and retention projects and have extensive experience of managing permanent overseas recruitment programmes. We provide a number of managed recruitment packages which span the full recruitment life cycle, from candidate attraction to relocation management and post-placement support.

Our staff will arrange all aspects of pastoral care for candidates arriving into their new country including immigration, tax, national insurance, tax file number or equivalent, banking advice, accommodation, transport arrangements and any additional welcome services.

Our key priority is to build long-term partnerships with our clients, maintaining a strong awareness of the trends and changes in your business environment. We guarantee the highest standards of service and confidentiality and ability to source high calibre senior candidates to drive your future success.

Interim Management

This type of service provides you with management capacities for a defined period of time in order to realize specific projects or conduct required changes in your company. It is most effective for one-in-time projects and activities, which are beyond your regular activities or in case of temporary placement before a permanent employee is selected. 

Staffing Management

Staffing management is a quick and cost-effective solution to meet today's growing demands for the IT workforce. We will provide you with both short- and long-term IT specialists including project managers, developers, systems analysts, database specialists, architects and testers. If needed, we can also provide you with a complete development and/or project teams. 

Try & Hire

"Try & Hire" service helps you to get a short term or long term workforce for your selected positions, while the individuals stay employed by us. This arrangement gives you the time for your final decision and decreases the risk of making the wrong decision about a candidate. When you make the decision, you will get a well tested and on-the-job trained employee.  

HR Outsourcing


This type of service offers you outsourcing/or out-tasking of your HR unit(s). Our services contain all HR matters including analysis of the current situation and HR requirements, the definition of key processes and structures, setting up and implementation of all HR procedures and processes, recruitment and placement of candidates (or assessment of current employees), staff training and development, etc.


INNETIC provides highly qualified consulting services in the area of information technologies. We also specialize on creating complex solutions for clients by using the latest information and communication technologies available. A significant part of our clients comes from finance, telecommunications and utilities sectors.



PHP/Nette developer
We are searching for a skilled PHP developer for our internal Nette development team.

PHP/Laravel programátor
Do našeho vývojářského týmu hledáme zkušeného kolegu s výbornou znalostí PHP a Laravel Frameworku.

Vue.js / Frontend vývojář
Do našeho vývojářského týmu hledáme zkušeného kolegu s výbornou znalostí Vue.js a Frontend vývojem.